Curiousity means both something unusual or alien as well as a sense of wonder or inquisitiveness. There’s a tension between these related senses—and the process to reconcile them creates questions. Responses to those questions include: to ponder, ask other questions, a discernment process, and ultimately a profession (or rejection there of).


Creative Urge

There’s a compelling drive to bring something into the world. We often don’t know it’s purpose—or even its final form. The ancients called this force a genius. Creators weren’t, as we say today, called geniuses themselves—but rather, each was assumed to have a genius guiding him or her. From the same root as genie, geniuses divinely chose and possessed artists and their ilk—sometimes to madness. Also called muses—and given names and responsibilities in a pantheon.

Crush or Infatuation

A crush can feel like curiosity—but often accompanied with other feelings: such as fear of unrequitedness. That infatuation can grow and invite in flirtation. Sometimes, it goes no further than a temporary and/or extravagant passion. Other times it grows into courtship and eventually commitment: see profession.


The very word vocation comes from vocātiō, which means beckoning, invitation (or summons: an invitation you can’t refuse, such as from a court or sovereign). Callings are invitations to converse, to show up… [see “A Calling (Invitation) is Not Enough”]

Shoulder Tapping

At first you react with a, ‘huh’ and turn around instinctively to look. 

Sometimes, like with the common schoolkid prank, you may turn to see no one there.

Later it can become more regular, even persistent–it may feel like you’re being nagged.

Later still, you can sense it’s guiding you like a rider directs a horse.