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Obit, DIY is the guide for writing your own—or a loved one’s—obituary, eulogy, epitaph, last letters, and other death-related verbal memorial.


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  • Leave a Legacy
  • Lighten your survivors’ burden
  • Remember/Honor a loved one
  • Make sense of your life
  • Live well ⇄ die well


History will be kind to me, for I shall write it.

Winston Churchill

Nobel Prize, Literature 1953

Keep Going

2020’s Promise & Peril

Proverbial hindsight was supposed to be 2020’s giftInstead, this year brought us death.

Amid the Covid pandemic, we may feel powerless and vulnerable, though there’s an opportunity: 

  • Resuscitate hindsight by looking back upon our life to date and connect the dots
  • Harness the reality of death: do what we can while we still have time.


Life and death are a package deal. Experience how death’s writing rituals can inspire how to best use our time left.



About Obit, DIY's creator

Stefan Bielski has been contemplating—and writing about—death since surviving a workplace shooting that left his boss dead 30 years ago. Soon afterwards, he eulogized his grandfather and wrote the obituary for a college classmate, coworker, and friend who died way too young.

He found obituaries make powerful writing prompts for those contemplating their future. He assigned and guided his clients through penning personal statements and other essays for their MBA/grad school admissions applications and those undergoing other career transitions.

Stefan’s bio/writing experiences include crafting conference speaker bios for a Washington DC think tank, writing “Who’s News” and other articles as a business journalist, teaching writing classes in universities in the US and Europe and writing memoir.

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