do work that calls to you

Professions on Purpose builds tools,  offers events/workshops and creates guides for the gainfully misemployed .


Help You to Help Ukraine



Fulfilling work emerges from conversations, ultimately those between what calls to you and how you respond with your profession.

So, both I.R.L. & URL: our panels, podcasts and other programming with a range of professionals to learn how they interpreted and responded to their callings—and how you could do the same.



Better Language ➨

Better Logic ➨

Better Life

Whether building your lexicon or seeing language’s limits, PoP’s tools and content help you develop new, better language to realize where you are and enunciate what’s most important to you. 



Professional transitions can be lonely.

Maybe you feel detached or alienated in your current job.  Perhaps you sense you’re beckoned-but-not-yet-welcome into a new field, ecosystem or process. While some such liminality is necessary, PoP exists to ease the journey.

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