Professions on Purpose’ podcast (or “PoPcast”) focus on these themes:

Developing or transitioning to more fulfilling work through

  • Cultivating self knowledge, especially from and through one’s work
  •  Discerning/listening and ultimately responding to callings by
  •  Combining one’s talents, values, mindsets: the true meaning of “profession”, conversations on callings, cultivating self-knowledge, and fulfilled lives through work

PoPCast tells the stories of people responding to their callings–and how you might do the same.

Pirates on Purpose Radio

Pirates on Purpose Radio is our first Podcast. It’s nameand missionis in homage to:

  • Coboat, the sailing coworking/coliving center where this podcast launched, which had its own “Pirate Beta
  • Pirate Radio: the tradition of unregulatedand often illegal–radio broadcasts (& ancestor to the podcast ancestor!)
  • Those who try. The Greek root of “pirate” is peira (πεῖρα):  “a trial, an attempt, an experiment”

“Admire those who attempt great things,
even though they fail.”


Podcast Pilot

From Corporate Attorney to Kickstarter Millionaire: Minaal’s Doug Barber


Doug Barber, former corporate attorney turned Kickstarter millionaire has been traveling nonstop since 2009 while running Minaal, the travel equipment makers.

Doug tells us why it was important for him to study what he’s NOT passionate about.


  • How he came to see the law was not for him.
  • Why even highly-dissatisfied lawyers resist leaving the law for other careers.
  • The story of the Minaal name and the value of mulling over a core challenge for a long time (it led to a 4 a.m. epiphany–one that showed serendipitous insight weeks later.) 
  • The challenges and benefits of running a team that’s 100% remote–especially for a manufacturer of physical products.
  • How he learned to have a happy & content life with so few possessions. 

Find out more about Minaal and see them on social (They produce some funny videos):






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