Doug in Korfu Extras: Histoire de Ma Vie (Story of My Life)


“Directly above my office and our podcast studio at the Corfu Sailing club, is the Venetian-built Corfu Castle, the first office of Giacomo Casanova. (Well, of of his 2nd career; his 1st as a priest wasn’t a great fit!) His exploits are famous from his autobiography, Histoire de Ma Vie (or Story of My Life) So, I thought I’d share Casanova’s Dress-for- Success / Fake-it- till-You- Make it advice from that career shift:
‘Reflecting that there was now little likelihood of my achieving fortune in my ecclesiastical career, I decided to dress as a soldier … I inquire for a good tailor … he brings me everything I need to impersonate a follower of Mars. … My uniform was white, with a blue vest, a shoulder knot of silver and gold… I bought a long sword, and with my handsome cane in hand, a trim hat with a black cockade, with my hair cut in side whiskers and a long false pigtail, I set forth to impress the whole city.’ (_Histoire de MaVie_ (Story of My Life) p. 223) This ties into Doug’s story as well. His first product efforts were travel clothing, beforesettling on luggage. So often, a change in professional identity is aided by a change in wardrobe.