Productivity on Purpose

The pursuit of “Productivity” is broken. Practitioners, which includes all of us to one degree or another, have the idea that simply doing more/faster will somehow or eventually lead to fulfillment. 

Productivity on Purpose seeks to address this problem by featuring content that: 

Examines and critiques the Productivity status quo

Show ways studying productivity/using tools/frameworks can help people better understand themselves:

  • identify values, strengths/weaknesses, distinguish natural gifts and talents from mere skills,
  • how they process information, deal with the day, other people… in short, how they work—and can do their best work.  

This awareness can help people choose not only more effective roles, but more meaningful ones as well. 

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently something that should not have been done at all.
Peter Drucker

Management consultant / Educator / Author

Issues to explore


Instead of optimizing for productivity, How might we be better served by pursuing: 

    – Creativity? Serendipity & synchronicity? Curiosity? Effective downtime?

When is optimizing: overkill, premature, and/or fragile/unsustainable?

Is optimization even for humans, or just machines?


How much productivity is pursued for its own sake? 

Do productivity tools get/force people to do work they hate?

How to intuit whether we’re pursuing “productivity porn” or toolishness

Signal vs Noise

How can people eliminate some noise from their work lives so they can better:

  1. focus on what matters most
  2. receive signals: most importantly what calls to them. 


How much of productivity best practices are unexamined “Well, works for me” (survivorship bias)?

How to move from “works for me” to “works for my work” (context)         

See how “works for me” comes from “works with me” (talents, values, ways of being)

well-being is enhanced when both efficacy and meaning are experienced in the same projects. in other words, mere efficacy is insufficient .
Brian Little

"Me, Myself and Us"